IFFCO, the premier farmers’ cooperative, on Monday, launched the world’s first nano urea liquid fertiliser, which is cheaper and easier to store and transport, said a company statement.

The product, which would be priced at ₹240 / 500 ml bottle, was unveiled launched at IFFCO’s annual general body meeting held on Monday.


It is said to be capable of replacing conventional urea and each 500 ml bottle contains 40,000 ppm (parts per million) nitrogen, which is equivalent of nitrogen nutrient provided by one bag of conventional urea. The production of liquid urea is expected to commence from next month and commercial rollout will follow after that, the statement said.

IFFCO said that its Nano Urea Liquid is already included in Fertiliser Control Order (FCO, 1985) on the basis of multi-location and multi-crop trials undertaken under National Agriculture Research System (NARS) at 20 ICAR research institutes, State Agriculture Universities and KVKs, on 43 crops. To test its efficacy, 11,000 farmer field trials (FFTs) were also undertaken on more than 94 crops across the country recently. These trials demonstrated that there is an 8 per cent increase in yield with this nano liquid fertiliser, the statement said.

Soil health still far from ideal; excessive use of urea fertilisers continues

More importantly, the use of this liquid fertiliser will not only boost balanced nutrition of crops, but also reduce the excess use of urea by farmers, which has been causing environmental pollution and harming soil health, making plants more susceptible to disease and insect infestation, said IFFCO.

It will also be easy on the pocket of farmers and would effectively increase farmers’ income. A 500 ml bottle of IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid will replace at least one bag of conventional Urea. Hence, it will reduce the input cost to farmer. Due to the small size of Nano Urea Liquid, it can be kept in the pocket and will significantly bring down the cost of logistics and warehousing also, the firm said.

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