IG International, a leading fresh fruit importer has set up a joint venture with RK Growers (Rivoira & Kiwi-Uno group, Italy) for the production of superior varieties of fruits in India such as red and gold kiwis.

The joint venture, Fresh Genetics India Private Limited, aims to become the world’s largest fruit genetics firm on multiple cultivars such as kiwis, grapes, apples among others, the company said in a statement.

“With this alliance, we at IG International want to get the Indian customer the freshest, pulpiest, and top quality kiwis. Fruit Genetics India envisions being the stewards of fruit genetic science and breeding for kiwis, apples, and grapes in the world. Our partnership would also propel India to become one of the prime exporters of first-grade kiwis in the world,” said Tarun Arora, Director of Finance and Operations at IG International.

Blueprint for expansion

The partnership also has a blueprint for expansion on the production side of the cultivars. RK Growers has been in the fruit business for over 40 years, working closely with growers and pack houses all over the world to select the most innovative and great-tasting varieties to meet consumers’ ever-changing demands.

“Our collaboration with IG International gives us a panoptic view of the length and breadth of the Indian fruit market. Indian customers adore fruits, and they are an essential part of their daily diet. Kiwis are particularly popular. However, they are seen as a foreign fruit in the Indian subcontinent, albeit enjoyed a lot for their ambrosial taste. That all changes with Fresh Genetics India. Kiwis are primed to become Indian natives with our association. Due to their unrivaled quality and commitment towards customer satisfaction, IG International has made a name in India and overseas, and we’re thrilled to join hands with them. It is time for India to get its own Kiwi connection,” said Paolo Carissimo, President of RK Growers.

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