The India Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA), the apex trade body for the pulses sector, is organising the sixth edition of The Pulses Conclave in Mumbai from 16-18 February, 2023.

The Pulses Conclave 2023 should be themed around ‘Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Global Pulses Sector’ which is the need of the hour, said IPGA chairman Bimal Kothari. “At the upcoming conclave we are excited to showcase and emphasise on development of world class processing facilities, robust supply chain management, post-harvest crop management to mitigate losses amongst many other opportunities that the future promises in the pulses industry. We have been a strong promoter of increased protein consumption through pulses to address issues such as protein deficiency and malnutrition and numerous other health benefits pulses have to offer. We believe that the value-added products from pulses have an exponential potential which can be harnessed in India and will go a long way in augmenting the farmers’ income,” Kothari said in a note to the stakeholders.

‘Sustainability of Pulses Production’

‘Sustainability of Pulses Production’ has been included in the Vision 2047, a vision plan to make the India one of the world’s top three economies and bring it closer to developed nation status by the 100th year of its independence. “We have been proactively engaged with the government authorities to assist in evolving dynamic policy responses by providing market-related inputs and strategic advice with respect to domestic and global agribusiness. IPGA will also seek to monitor a liberal and stable foreign trade (import and export) in pulses and grains to be able to provide effective forward-looking guidance which will further help the government in policy formulation,” Kothari said.

“With the constant evolution of technology, we at IPGA, will focus on creating a sustainable environment for the pulses and agri products sector through an emphasis on upcoming technologies and their application across the agriculture sector. We aim at promoting lucrative avenues for all participants of the pulses value chain through synchronisation with the latest technologies in the agriculture sector. We are very keen to have participation from the start-ups and next-gen agripreneurs,” Kothari said.