Agritech startup Kisanserv has joined hands with large housing societies to help them process wet waste into organic compost for farmers under its 'Giving Back to Farm' initiative.

Kisanserv distributed organic compost donated by housing societies in Pune to around 200 farmers at a meet held in Manchar district of Maharashtra.

Niranjan Sharma, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Kisanserv, said in a statement that wet waste generated by large housing societies is a burden on urban India. Societies and municipal corporations struggle to process it single-handedly. Farmers, too, are in need of organic waste to enrich soil health for eco-friendly farming. “This initiative finds a perfect link between the challenges of urban and rural India with a common solution to benefit all. This is a great social service and we feel happy to serve the farmers,” he said.

The statement said Kisanserv has joined hands with third parties and large housing societies in Pune to help process wet waste into organic compost. Municipal corporations have made it mandatory for residential societies to process wet garbage by installing a composting machine.

Kisanserv, which is currently active in Maharashtra, buys fruits and vegetables from farmers for supply to customers in urban areas. It uses its reverse logistics to bring back compost from urban areas to rural areas for distribution to farmers free of cost, it added.

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