The pepper market in Kochi has witnessed lesser activities on Thursday with only six tonnes were traded.

Mostly the buyers and sellers remained apart since they could not arrive at a consensus in prices. Buyers are quoting ₹330 and sellers at ₹335 for Wayanad pepper. For Idukki pepper, buyers quoted ₹335 and sellers ₹340. Therefore, not much quantity business took place.

Moreover, the consuming markets reported importing and Karnataka pepper at cheaper rates.

Kishore Shamji of Kishor Spices said that import pepper from Sri Lanka at MIP of ₹500 per kg continuing unabated in spite of several representations. This has caused concern among the farming community. All the elected representatives in the Parliament have taken up the matter, but there were no results so far, he added.    

IPSTA Cochin Pepper rate: un-garbled Rs333; MG1 garbled Rs353; New pepper – Rs318.