The comprehensive insurance scheme for dairy farmers, Ksheera Santhwanam, will be revived soon with the State Government approving it, said Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development J Chinchurani.

The Minister said this while launching the official website and e-commerce portal of Trivandrum Regional Co-operative Milk Producers Union (TRCMPU), enabling customers to make online purchases of Milma’s products.

Speaking at the launch function, the Minister said the insurance scheme, shelved recently, offered health and life insurance for dairy farmers and their families, besides cover for livestock. The Minister congratulated TRCMPU on creating the website, enabling  Milma’s consumers to order dairy products from anywhere.    

Chinchurani said although the State Government has limitations in curtailing the influx of milk from other states, it has taken effective measures to check aggressive cross-border sales by other state brands violating the cooperative principles.

She emphasized increasing milk production in the State by increasing the interval between two milkings, bringing more people to dairy farming and ensuring the supply of good quality cattle feed at affordable prices.

The Minister said the government is planning to extend the Milma @school projects to colleges also.

Chinchurani also felicitated the recently-retired 36 secretaries of milk cooperative societies of four southern districts in 2022-23 on the occasion. Noting that the service of the employees of primary dairy cooperatives is commendable, she said by conducting such a farewell for them, TRCMPU has set a model which can be emulated.

Convener of TRCMPU Administrative Committee, N Bhasurangan, said TRCMPU is the first of the three regional unions of Milma to launch its own e-commerce portal. Apart from giving a comprehensive overview of Milma and TRCMPU, the website offers a range of products that can be purchased from any part of the world.