a-IDEA (Association for Innovation Development of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture), an incubator promoted by National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), has signed four agreements with academic and research institutes to increase the support structure to startups.

It signed memoranda of agreements with NACL Industries Ltd, Sri Konda Laxma Reddy Telangana State Horticultural University (SKLTSHU, Hyderabad), Sugarcane Breeding Institute (SBI, Coimbatore); and National Research Centre on Grapes (Pune).

“The agreements will help the a-IDEA startups by providing facilities like co-incubation, technical support, mentoring, lab facilities and networking facilities,” Senthil Vinayagam, Chief Executive Officer of a-IDEA, said.

a-IDEA helps entrepreneurs ideate, incubate and accelerate their early-stage startups and help them to scale up their operations.