Ahmedabad, Oct 1 Private sector dairy player Parag Milk Foods on Friday announced launch of ‘Pride of Cows’ a premium milk brand in Ahmedabad market.

“Following positive responses in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Surat, the brand is now entering the Ahmedabad,” the company said in a statement.

Devendra Shah, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods said, “The dairy sector is rapidly expanding, and the functional advantages of single origin milk products have demonstrated excellent benefits and garnered considerable appeal. We intend to add new vitality, diversity, and nutrition, along with flavour and purity, to the fast-growing premium dairy industry at an advantageous moment.”

Pride of Cows delivers pure, fresh and Single-origin cow milk to customers’ doors within hours of it being milked. And the milking process is completely mechanised without any human intervention.

Parag Milk Foods, which sells dairy products under the brands of Gowardhan, Go, and Avvatar, has been a pioneer in the Single Origin milk segment.

Pride of Cows offer quality fresh cow milk each day from the company’s Bhagyalakshmi Dairy Farm to consumers in Gujarat’s largest city, along with additional single-origin milk products like curd, ghee, fat-free milk and paneer.

Akshali Shah, Sr. VP- Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Parag Milk Foods said, “We Indians believe in goodness and purity of milk but unfortunately milk adulteration is still a common phenomenon. With Pride of cows – Single Origin milk and milk products, we are able to provide unadulterated, nutritious dairy products.”

The company operates with a novel farm-to-home model supplying fresh and pure cow milk from the most modern dairy farm in India with select breed of cows.

The milk will be priced ₹99 per litre, and will be available on the existing subscription-based model only by online order placements.

The brand is also planning to launch a various campaign through fitness enthusiasts and health influencers to share its passion for quality milk and dairy products, the company said.