The Ministry of Agriculture has estimated the production of potato and onion at record during the current crop year (July 2020-June 2021) as the planting of the staples were higher.

The production of potato is projected at a record 53.11 million tonnes during 2020-21 against the final estimates of 26.09 million tonnes in 2019-20. This has been driven by an increase in acreage at 22.47 lakh hectares compared with 20.51 lakh ha in the previous season.

Similarly, an increase in onion area during 2020-21 is expected to increase the production of the bulbs, notwithstanding the damages suffered in the key producing States of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka due to unseasonal weather pattern resulting in a price flare-up. Onion production is seen higher at 26.29 million tonnes, a record, against the final estimate of 26.09 million tonnes in 2019-20.

However, the production of tomatoes could be lower at 20.14 million tonnes over previous year’s 21.17 million tonnes, despite an increase in area as unseasonal rains impacted the yields in the key-producing state of Karnataka.


First advance estimates

India’s horticulture production for the year 2020-21 is seen rising by about two per cent to 326.58 million driven by an increase in production of key fruits and vegetables, according to the first estimates released by the Ministry. The final production stood at 320.76 million tonnes during 2019-20. The first advance estimates released by the Ministry of Agriculture, based on the information received from various States and other agencies, project an increase in fruits, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal pants and plantation crops during 2020-21. However, the production of spices and flowers is seen lower during the year.

The production of fruits is estimated to be 103.23 million tonnes compared with 102.03 million tonnes during 2019-20. Similarly, the total production is estimated to be 193.61 million tonnes compared with 188.91 million tonnes in 2019-20.

Production of bananas is seen higher at 33.73 million tonnes compared with 32.59 million tonnes on rise in acreage. Also, production of mangoes is seen higher at 21.12 million tonnes (20.26 million tonnes in 2019-20).

Among plantation crops, coconut and cashew are seen registering an increase on growing acreage, while arecanut output is expected to decline on lower area and due to the impact of pest and disease affecting the crop.

Among spices, production of red chillies is seen marginally lower at 1.91 million tonnes, despite an increase in area as rains had impacted the produce in parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra during the year. Production of cumin is also seen lower at 8.8 lakh tonnes against previous year’s 9.12 lakh tonnes on dip in area, while turmeric output is also seen lower on dip in area, resulting in a price increase. Production of coriander, garlic and pepper are seen higher during 2020-21 on increase in in acreages. Total spices production is seen marginally lower at 10.24 million tonnes against 10.29 million tonnes in the previous year.