A volume of 11.07 lakh kg is being offered for Sale No: 13 of Coonoor Tea Trade Association auction to be held on Thursday and Friday.

It is some 62,000 kg less than last week’s offer.

Of this, 7.41 lakh kg belongs to leaf grades and 3.66 lakh kg to dust grade.

As much as 10.11 lakh kg belongs to CTC variety and only 96,000 kg to the orthodox variety.

The proportion of orthodox teas continues to be low in both leaf and dust grades.

In the leaf counter, only 37,000 kg belongs to orthodox while 7.04 lakh kg, CTC.

Among the dusts, only 59,000 kg belongs to orthodox while 3.07 lakh kg, CTC.

In the Leaf market last week, among corporate buyers, Hindustan Unilever Ltd operated on good medium varieties.

Other majors – Tata Global Beverages Ltd., Duncan Tea Ltd and Godfrey Phillips India – did not operate.

In the Dust market, HUL was selective on good medium smaller grades and orthodox dusts.

Godfrey Philips was selective on medium varieties. Other majors – Tata Global Beverages Ltd., and Duncan Tea Ltd., did not operate.

Indcoserve was fairly active on medium smaller grades. There was fair enquiry from exporters for medium and plainer teas.

Internal buyers were less active. There was fair demand for brighter liquoring teas from upcountry buyers.

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