WayCool, a food and agritech company, has joined the ‘EV100’ initiative of Climate Group.

A statement said ‘EV100’ aims to make electric transport the new normal through commitments from forward-looking companies to transition their fleets to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. The announcement comes in the lead-up to Climate Week NYC 2022, also run by Climate Group.

It said that WayCool will transition its last-mile delivery fleet to electric by 2030 by joining this initiative. It will also install charging points at 50 locations across India for staff and customers by 2030.

Operating in 50 regions across the country, WayCool handles more than 1,200 tonnes of food products daily. EV100 commitments from businesses like WayCool will go a long way in decarbonising the food processing and agri-commerce supply chain, it said.

Quoting Karthik Jayaraman, co-founder and Managing Director of WayCool, the statement said: “We are happy to join EV100 at this time of celebration for the initiative. The food and agri sectors contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions significantly. As a purpose-driven organisation, and one of India’s fastest-growing food and agri-tech platforms, we are committed to developing and driving a climate-resilient supply chain and a sustainable food economy.”

Electrifying fleets

“In the past seven years, we have demonstrated with multiple case studies how organisations can be climate-smart and business-smart too. Electrifying fleets is one of our prime focus areas. We have valuable insights to share with the wider EV100 community, having already transitioned 20 per cent of our last mile delivery fleet to EVs. We look forward to playing an active and collaborative part in the journey to fully electric road transportation.”

Divya Sharma, India Executive Director at Climate Group, said: “We welcome WayCool to EV100, as it joins a global network of forward-looking companies taking ambitious strides in climate action. WayCool has set an example for similar businesses in the country by committing to scale up efforts in electric transport. We also appreciate their economically inclusive approach in pursuit of climate targets.”

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