The highest form of human intelligence is the acceptance and willingness to volve and learn. The Budget today has yet again showcased the governments forward looking approach to global trends and making India a strong destination for intelligence, R&D and talent.

Technology and knowledge focussed, the Budget this year has laid out a strong roadmap for Make AI in India and make AI work for India. The use of technology in healthcare is becoming increasingly important and the proposals to set up centres of excellence in AI will help foster interdisciplinary research and the development of scalable applications and solutions to many health problems.

It is hoped that this spurs public-private partnership in developing an effective AI ecosystem in healthcare with digital solutions that improve patient access to healthcare in remote and underserved areas. Digital health solutions such as telemedicine, electronic health records, and remote monitoring will benefit from these CoEs in AI and help improve patient outcomes.

Not leaving it to the machines alone, there is high impetus in the Budget for focus on healthcase skiling and R&D. Efforts to establish 100s of nursing colleges, opening up ICMR lab infrastructure and resources for R&D while encouraging three-way partnership between public-private and academia and very bold moves on a roadmap to setup India as a global healthcare destination.

These skilling efforts can further dovetail into the ‘Global Workforce Development’ vision which has the aim of developing 1 million trained and accredited healthcare resources by 2030 for the country, who can be used to serve India, and the greying world. This will create a vital momentum to encourage skilled healthcare manpower and raise the bar in terms of competencies that we offer the world.

There is a clear commitment to improving the overall health ecosystem and well-being of the Indian population and have a significant impact on making India a global health destination.

(The author is the Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals)