The outgoing Chairman of State-owned Coal India Ltd (CIL), Mr Partha S. Bhattacharyya, today regretted that safety standards at mines have not improved over the last four or five years due to lack of technology.

“We have not been able to improve mine safety standards in the last four or five years due to lack of technology,” Mr Partha Bhattacharyya said.

CIL had searched for appropriate technology at the Indian and overseas institutes and universities, but found that technology more advanced than what is already in use did not exist, he told reporters here last night.

“We are ready to spend any amount. CIL had approached IIT Kharagpur and Jadavpur University for developing some technology,” he said, adding that some work has progressed.

However, Mr Bhattacharyya said that CIL has adopted the same practices used in Australian mines, where safety standards are considered to be the best in the world.