India has said that it believes in enhancement of trade by bringing down both tariff and non-tariff barriers and was continuously working to achieve the same.

"We believe that removal of barriers will ultimately benefit all countries," BS Bhalla, joint secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), said at the South Asia Economic Conclave organised by industry body CII on Tuesday.

Business and government representatives from the eight SAARC countries are participating in the conclave on achieving inclusive growth through deeper economic integration.

Issues such as easier visa norms, freer movement of goods and viability of a common currency need to be discussed and sorted out between the countries, Bhalla pointed out.

According to Abdul Qadir Bahman from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, trade and economic relationship should be independent from political issues. "Simplification and harmonisation of trade procedures and friendly tariffs is something that all countries should be looking at," he said.

For better coordination between SAARC countries, it is important for bureaucracies to cooperate with each other, pointed out KB Ahmed from India Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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