The EU has slammed Russia for its “war against Ukraine” which, it said has affected energy, inflation and worsened energy security around the world.

“And for some time now (humanity has been put to the test by) a war unleashed by a permanent member of the Security Council against Ukraine. A war that is putting to the test a rules-based world that is the legacy of the United Nations Charter, which considers sovereignty and territorial integrity to be principles that guarantee peace, security and stability,” the European Council President Charles Michel said in his address at the opening session of the G20 Summit on Saturday.

While fighting against climate change, we must also fight against those who start wars completely irresponsibly, Michel said. “This has an impact beyond the security of the European continent. It has an impact around the world. It affects energy, inflation, and worsens energy security,” he said.

UN-backed pact

The EU chief expressed his appreciation for the “exemplary mobilisation” of the United Nations’ Secretary General Antonio Guterres, with the support of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to put in place an agreement in the Black Sea to ensure that this crossroads for the transit and export of food products can be preserved. 

Calling out to the Russian representative at the G20, Michel accused Russia of showing great cynicism by not accepting this because the country had not just decided to pull out of this agreement on the Black Sea, but at the same time also attack the port infrastructures. 

“And to add insult to injury, Russia is offering 1 million tonnes of grain to African countries in a parody of generosity. What cynicism and contempt for African countries, when we know that the Black Sea agreement has so far delivered more than 30 million tonnes of exports, mainly to the most vulnerable countries. And that the solidarity routes, alternative routes developed by the EU and with the EU, have already enabled 40 million tonnes of grain to be exported,” he said.