The Finance Ministry has extended the validity of anti-dumping duty on ‘aluminium foil’ (5.5 micron to 80 micron) imports from China till June 15.

This follows the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) initiating in September 2021 the sunset review investigation of the anti-dumping duty imposed on “aluminium foil” (5.5 micron to 80 micron) from China.

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Anti-dumping duty imposed on aluminium foil imports from China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia
It’s used extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging and in aseptic packaging that helps store perishable goods without refrigeration.

Hindalco Industries, Raviraj Foils and Jindal India had filed an application on behalf of domestic industry seeking continuation of anti-dumping duty on “aluminium foil” imports from China. The applicants had alleged that dumping from China has continued even after the imposition of anti-dumping duty and that there is likelihood of continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury in case of cessation of duties.

It maybe recalled that the Finance Ministry had on May 16, 2017 imposed definitive anti-dumping duty on “aluminium foil” imports from China for five years. 

This duty — which ranged from $ 0.69 per kg and $ 1.63 per kg depending on the company — was to be valid till May 15 this year, but now extended till June 15.

Aluminium foil is used extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging. It is also used in asceptic packaging that helps in storage of perishable goods without refrigeration. People also use aluminium foil to wrap and protect delicate foods like vegetables. 

India is currently the largest user of anti-dumping measures among the World Trade Organization (WTO) members.