Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM) has signed an MoU with Jupitice, the world’s first Justice Technology (JusTech) company to design and build an exclusive digitalised ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services.

With this partnership, IIAM is to emerge as India’s first-ever fully-digitalized ADR Centre to provide online institutional ADR services. Jupitice will extend its technological support to IIAM.

Digital resolution of disputes

IIAM has agreed to use Jupitice’s platform and technology services, which will enable its existing and future users for end-to-end dispute resolution digitally ie. Adjudication + Administrative + Data Analytics without involving any paper based processes, manual and physical presence.

With the digital transformation of IIAM’s ADR Centre powered by Jupitice, disputants can prepare their pleadings, upload supporting documents, draft and submit proposals, appear online and conduct the entire proceedings and many more all on a single platform remotely. This will not only offer convenience but would also save huge money, time and effort as all aspects of the dispute resolution can be performed online.

Anil Xavier, President, IIAM said,“with Jupitice as our partner, our institution will become India’s first ADR institution to conduct its end-to-end operations online. This digital transform assures accessibility, efficiency and a better user experience for parties as well as other stakeholders such as administrative staff, neutrals and lawyers. IIAM is committed to empowering and facilitating reconciliation among the people, and with Jupitice on our side, we feel closer to achieving our goal”.

End-to-end solution

Aligning with IIAM’s mission to create a community that is able to unite in order to solve conflicts and overcome challenges, Jupitice is also determined towards bringing fundamental and quantum changes in the global justice delivery system. With this partnership, Jupitice is all set to embark on the journey of Rebooting the Indian Dispute Resolution Ecosystem with IIAM,” said Raman Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Juptice.

Jupitice has designed and developed the world’s first “Justice Technology Platform ‘‘ to “Reboot Global Dispute Resolution Ecosystem” to make it accessible, affordable, cost-effective, transparent, accountable, equitable, and secure. The platform provides end-to-end abilities from adjudication to administration to data analytics all on a single platform by leveraging new-age technologies such as ICT, AI/ML, and Blockchain.

The partnership has come at a time when the Indian government has been looking for ways that technology can penetrate the Indian judicial processes to ease out the ever-increasing burden it faces, a press release said.