Many Indian companies are facing challenges in attracting and retaining talent with a high attrition rate of 14 per cent, which is more than the global average, says a report released today.

“Attrition in India is at 14 per cent, marginally higher than global and Asia Pacific countries (11.20 per cent and 13.81 per cent, respectively),” global professional services firm Towers Watson said in the report.

The report said that 92 per cent of firms in the country experience challenges in attracting talent with critical skills while over 75 per cent organisations face challenges in retaining high performing talent.

For Indian employers, the top two priorities are ‘career advancement opportunities’ and ‘challenging work environment’, while for employees ‘job security’ and ‘career advancement opportunities’ are their main priorities.

“... 74 per cent of the employers in India feel that their employees are actively engaged with colleagues who are in different countries as compared to 65 per cent employers globally,” it added.

According to the report, employees have been expected to work longer and rest less.

“... this trend seems likely to continue with over half the respondents globally agreeing that employees have been working long hours than normal in the past three years. Over a quarter of the Indian employers expect employees will work long hours than normal over the next three years,” it noted.

The conclusions are based on responses from 1,605 companies worldwide, including 796 from Asia Pacific.