The Institute of Small Enterprises and Development will release the India Enterprise &Entrepreneurship Report 2022 (E&E Report 2022) on Wednesday. India celebrates November 9 as the National Entrepreneurship Day.

The report analyses the state-level scene of the subject. It is a joint initiative by the ISED Centre for Monitoring Enterprise Development in the States and the ISED Small Enterprise Observatory.

The launch signifies a high-profile platform involving representatives from NITI Aayog, State departments of Industries and Commerce, the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia & Pacific (ESCAP), the International Labour Organisation, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development, Paris.

While the NITI Aayog, through SDG Index, has come out with a monitoring system for the trend and progress of development in the States, there is still a need and potential for strengthening the index, as applicable to enterprise and entrepreneurship, ISED Director PM Mathew said. “This humble initiative of the Institute is meant to attract policy attention to this vital area and to strengthen the States’ own initiatives to brand themselves under a national policy framework of ‘Cooperative Federalism”, he said.

The E&E Report 2022 was prepared in consultation with the relevant departments of all State governments and the Centre. The project has been supported by the National Partnership Network ISED Small Enterprise Observatory, a stakeholder platform assisting its work. The Institute also celebrates the silver jubilee of its project, ‘India MSME Report Series’ this year.