After completing a year under the Tata group, Air India’s management has charted out aggressive plans for the second year aimed at making it the best carrier in the country .

In a communication to employees, Air India CEO Campbell Wilson said, “Together, we have embarked upon one of the most ambitious turnarounds in international aviation history. We have set out to create an airline that ranks amongst the best in the world, and will proudly represent the new India on the global stage. And we have made quite remarkable progress in a very short space of time”

“Even as we work on improving Air India, we have not shied away from other ambitious actions such as merging Air India Express with Air Asia, or Vistara with Air India, or kicking off the establishment of a new InfoTech Centre, or an Aviation Academy.  And that’s not to mention our much talked-about short- and-medium term fleet expansion,” Wilson added. 

Market share

In December, Air India said it would spend more than $400 million to refurbish the interiors of its entire wide-body fleet. Air India is looking at a 30 per cent market share in international operations over the next five years as it taps into new routes, ramps up fleet and brings in a host of changes in passenger services.

Wilson said the progress over the last 12 months has been nothing short of stunning. “Transforming any organisation entails deep cultural shifts, which is why we have put such a high priority on communicating with you, and on improving policies, practices and support systems, not just benefits.  Fostering integrity, accountability, collaboration and trust are keys to future success, and must be guiding lights,” he said.