Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has maintained its strong On-Time Performance (OTP). A key performance indicator for an airport, BLR Airport’s on-time departures were at 85.6 per cent.

The top domestic destinations during the first-quarter were Delhi, which topped (with 1,115,145 passengers), followed by Mumbai (8,75,474) and Kolkata (4,73,089), while the top international destinations were Dubai (2,09,425), Singapore (1,63,638) and Abu Dhabi (77,166).

“The key factors that have enabled us to deliver in such challenging times are timely expansion of facilities, implementation of cutting-edge technology and innovation and developing services centred around providing a seamless, easy customer experience,” said Hari Marar, MD & CEO, BIAL.

“As we move forward, our priorities will be to introduce innovative and digital solutions that will redefine the airport experience and strengthen our role as an economic driver for the region. We look forward to building on this excitement and driving continued growth and transformation in 2018,” Marar added.