Aimed at replacing the usage of fossil fuels, the Kochi based cleantech company Yesen Sustain has launched a technology called E Marine with electric modular kits for boats and other water crafts.

George Mathew, CEO & Co-Founder, Yesen Sustain said that E-Marine offers pre-engineered electrification and solarization kits which can be retrofitted to existing marine vessels the same way gas and CNG kits are retrofitted to petrol and diesel vehicles. The new technology delivers a quick ROI and is fast and affordable.

It has been indigenously developed by Yesen Sustain at its Kochi facilities with technical tie up with world’s leading OEMs in the industry including Hyper Craft, Elco, Polarium, CETL and enArka, he said.

He pointed out that retrofitting of outboard engines can be done in less than two hours and inboard engines in less than 7 days. These are off-the-shelf pre-engineered solutions and meet the highest quality standards including optional approvals from IRS. The kits come with liquid-cooled marine battery packs to meet the harsh environmental operating conditions.

E-Marine kits

The company also displayed the operations of a range of new and existing water vessels fitted and retrofitted with the new E-Marine kits. E-Marine can be used for vessels ranging from 1 hp up to 2000 hp including fishing boats, houseboats used in the tourism sector.

For Indian operations, he said the company has tied up shipyard partners including Samudra Shipyard and Matha Marines. Global marketing of E-Marine has been launched simultaneously in Vietnam for the Far East and in the UAE for the MENA region, he added.

Quoting statistics, Mathew said there are approximately 2.5 lakh fishing boats and around 5,000 houseboats and Shikaras in Kerala. The marine industry is one of the largest of the pollutants and accounts for 2.5 per cent of global carbon footprint.

Considering the potential offered by COP26 restrictions, the company targets to achieve a turnover of ₹150 crore in 2022-23 with a growth rate of at least 30 to 50 per cen in the coming years.

Yesen Sustain is the only cleantech company in the country to have built four autonomous solar electric boats Surya in 2007, Sunrider in 2009, CIFT in 2015 and Inflatable Boat in 2016.

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