Cochin International Airport Limited has successfully completed the trial of Digi Yathra phase I, which will enable the E-gate at the first level security points. The system, on implementation, will facilitate passengers’ entry to the terminal by showing their bar-coded boarding pass at kiosks.

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyothiraditya Scindia visited CIAL’s facilities and expressed his satisfaction with the maintenance of the airport. Software for the E-boarding pass system has been developed in-house by CIAL’s IT department.

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Major airports in the country are at various stages of implementing Digi Yatra, the initiative launched by the Civil Aviation Ministry, which will enable a biometric boarding system and seamless passenger movement. This enhances the passenger experience by eliminating the need for verification of tickets and ID at multiple touchpoints and achieving better throughput through existing infrastructure using a digital framework, including the use of facial recognition technology.

Expressing his appreciation for the general up-keeping of Cochin airport, its cleanliness, and the adoption of technology, Scindia has said that airports in the country should adopt digital interfaces at all passenger touchpoints to ensure a better experience for passengers. All signage and information kiosks should be electronic and digitised. They should be interactive, multilingual, and easily identifiable. Considering that, to provide passengers and customers with a better experience, systems and services must be upgraded, he said.

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CIAL Managing Director S. Suhas said the company has completed the trial run of the E-Gates, which incorporates bar coded boarding pass verification, flight time validation with airlines and management of the security gate at the terminal entrance. CIAL’s IT team has developed and successfully tested the software for the E boarding pass verification systems.