The e-way bill system seems to be working well for many exporters, with the Centre giving exemption to all exports moving from an inland container depot (ICD) to a customs port and also to e-sealed consignments.

“Exporters had some concerns on the e-way bill but most have been put to rest with the Centre’s decision to extend the exemption given to imports moving from gateway ports to ICDs to exports as well,” said a government official.

The e-way bill was introduced from April 1 under the GST framework to track inter-State movement of goods worth ₹50,000 or more. The network will subsequently be expanded to track intra-State movement of goods, too.

Exporters say the Centre’s decision to exempt all e-sealed consignments has given much relief.

“A number of exporters have managed not to come within the purview of e-bills as their consignments are e-sealed. Overall, exporters are not facing any problems after the introduction of the e-way bill because of all the exemptions. It is working well for us,” said Ajay Sahai, Director General, Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO). The Centre had initially decided to give an e-way bill exemption to imports wherein the goods are moved from ports, airports, air cargo complexes and land customs stations to an ICD or a container freight station.

However, when exporters and the Commerce Ministry insisted that a similar dispensation should also be provided for exports, the Finance Ministry agreed.

It notified that an e-way bill need not be generated if the movement is “under customs bond from an inland container depot or a container freight station to a customs port, airport, air cargo complex and land customs station, or from one customs station or customs port to another customs station or customs port”.

“The move is also helpful for the government, as it reduces the load on the system,” the government official added.

Over 17 lakh e-way bills for inter-State movement of goods have been generated by businesses and transporters since the launch of the measure on April 1.

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