The Gujarat Government jointly with the Indian Railways has started work on 116.65-km Taranga Hill-Ambaji- Abu Road new rail line, the state government said.

The rail line will be constructed by the Ministry of Railways at a cost of ₹2,798.16 crore. The Centre had recently cleared the project as part of the PM Gati Shakti initiative. The project will be completed in the next 5 years in four phases.

As per the details shared by the Gujarat Government, the new railway line will pass through three districts of Gujarat and one in Rajasthan covering 15 stations (11 in Gujarat and four in Rajasthan). The proposed new stations would include Varetha , New Taranga hill, Satlasana, Mumanvas, Mahudi, Dalpura, Ruppura, Hadad, AmabaMahuda, Peta Chapra, Ambaji, Paarli Chapri, Siyava, Kui and Abu Road.

A proposed Taranga Hill Railway Station with a theme of Jain architecture.

A proposed Taranga Hill Railway Station with a theme of Jain architecture.

Out of the 116-kilometre route, 82-km railway line will fall under Gujarat and 34 km in Rajasthan.

Pilgrimage destinations

Along the route, the railway station of famous pilgrimage, Ambaji will be developed on the theme of ‘Shaktipeeth’. Also, the government has planned to develop a 100-room 5-storey budget hotel, for which the land will be allocated by the State.

The Ambaji railway station will be designed suitable for divyang passengers. Also, the Taranga hills railway station will be based on the theme of Jain architecture.

Bridges and tunnels

Sharing the information on the land requirement and the bridges to be built along the route, the government informed that a total of 409.480 hectares of land will be used from three districts of Gujarat.

Considering the hilly region, a total 11 tunnels would be created of 8.72 kilometre length for the entire project. There will be 54 major and 151 minor bridges along the entire stretch The rail line is being developed to suit a train speed of up to 110 kilometre per hour.

Within Gujarat borders, in all about 33 major bridges will be constructed, including eight in Mehsana, 17 at Danta in Banaskantha and eight in Poshina of Sabarkantha. Also, two road-overbridges will be built in Mehsana district. There will be 47 underbridges to be built, as per the information shared by the government.

"This project will provide better connectivity to the adjoining villages, boost industries, and increase employment opportunities. Marble industry has grown in Ambaji and its surroundings. The railway route will provide better connectivity for transport of marbles," a government statement said.