IndiGo, is set to enhance its international connectivity by expanding its network with six new destinations and introducing an impressive 174 new weekly flights. This strategic move aims to meet the growing demand for international travel to, from, and via India. IndiGo plans to offer a diverse range of options for passengers, starting with direct flights from Mumbai to Nairobi, Kenya, and Jakarta, Indonesia, which are scheduled to commence in late July or early August.

In August, Delhi will be connected to Tbilisi, Georgia (3x) and Baku, Azerbaijan (4x), followed by Tashkent, Uzbekistan (4x), and Almaty, Kazakhstan (3x) in September. These new routes will not only strengthen IndiGo’s international presence but also mark its penetration into Africa and Central Asia for the first time. With this expansion, IndiGo will directly serve 32 international destinations, up from the previous 26, in addition to its existing 78 domestic destinations.

Passengers can also look forward to the reinstatement of daily services from Delhi to Hong Kong in August. This flight, which was suspended three years ago due to the impact of Covid-19, will now provide enhanced travel options and seamless connectivity for both business and leisure travelers.

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The CEO of IndiGo, Pieter Elbers, expressed his enthusiasm for the airline’s ambitious international network expansion plans. He emphasised IndiGo’s commitment to connecting people and places, and to providing unparalleled connections worldwide. The addition of new destinations, flight routes, enhanced frequencies, and strategic codeshare partnerships will facilitate IndiGo’s expansion across four continents.

IndiGo is reinforcing its stronghold between India and the Middle East as well. Over the next few months, the airline plans to launch more direct international services, connecting Dammam to Lucknow, Chennai, and Kochi; Abu Dhabi to Goa, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad; Ras Al Khaimah to Hyderabad; and Bahrain to Kochi. These expansions aim to bring Middle Eastern destinations closer to multiple Indian cities and provide passengers with increased travel options.

Furthermore, IndiGo is working on increased frequencies between Mumbai and Dhaka in August 2023, enhancing connectivity, and convenience for passengers traveling between the two cities.

In addition to the new routes and expanded frequencies, IndiGo is also focused on offering direct international connectivity from destinations like Bhubaneshwar. Starting in June 2023, the airline will commence exclusive flights from Bhubaneshwar to Singapore and Bangkok. Plans for international flights from North Goa Airport are also in progress, further expanding IndiGo’s network and destination choices for travelers.

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To strengthen connectivity in Europe and North America, IndiGo has already established codeshare connections with Turkish Airlines. Currently, passengers can access 33 European destinations, via Istanbul. Pending final regulatory approvals, IndiGo aims to offer connectivity to North America through this partnership. The collaboration with Turkish Airlines allows for hassle-free transfers, access to a vast network, and a seamless travel experience across continents.

IndiGo, known for its rapid growth as one of the world’s fastest-growing low-cost carriers, operates a fleet of over 300 aircraft, facilitating over 1,800 daily flights. The airline’s extensive domestic and international connections provide travellers with a wide range of destination options and convenient flight schedules.

Final dates and schedules for the new services will be announced soon, once all necessary approvals are in place. IndiGo’s expansion plans underscore its commitment to delivering an exceptional travel experience while meeting the evolving needs of passengers in an ever-expanding global market.