Jet Airways tweaks pre-booking rates for domestic flights

Ashwini Phadnis New Delhi | Updated on January 16, 2018 Published on December 21, 2016

A Boeing Co. 737 aircraft operated by Jet Airways India

The new option gives passengers a chance of pre-booking seats that they prefer to travel in for a fee

Jet Airways has revised upwards the rates that passengers pay for pre-booking window, aisle and exit or bulkhead seats on some rows on their domestic flights 24 hours before a flight. But, if passengers decide to take a chance and pre-book seats 24 hours before departure, then they will not be charged.

An airline spokesperson told BusinessLine that the new option gives passengers a chance of pre-booking seats that they prefer to travel in for a fee.

A passenger pre-booking a seat on a domestic flight will have to pay ₹450 for a middle seat. Earlier, the airline charged ₹300 for pre-booking this seat. For pre-booking an aisle seat, a passenger will now have to pay ₹600, as against ₹500 earlier.

Optional service

“What we have done is by allowing reserving specific seats at a small fee, guests can ensure that they get to sit where they enjoy the flying experience the most,” an airline spokesperson said, pointing out that this was a completely optional service. On domestic 737-800 aircraft, the paid preferential pre-reservation option is offered on 22 out of 26 rows of seats in the aircraft.

The spokesperson pointed out that airlines in India also follow the pre-reserving of seats which is practised by almost all major airlines — both low-cost airlines and full service airlines in the world.

With the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) allowing airlines in India to unbundle and charge for various services, many airlines now charge for various services. Airlines in India are, however, not allowed to charge for providing water on their flights.

Published on December 21, 2016
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