Former President, Mr A P J Abdul Kalam today said that to create a better world, it is necessary to alleviate poverty, safeguard drinking water, use clean energy and ensure quality education and values for all.

Mr Kalam, who was honoured at a public reception by the Indo-American Centre (IAC) here, said: “The world is integrally connected through the environment, economy, people and ideas.”

He said that we need an educational value system, and ideas and innovations should not be politically inclined.

On political unrest in the Middle East, Mr Kalam explained how the Egyptian revolution for a change to democracy has spread to the Arab world.

“We need to stop corruption,” he said.

Mr Kalam, also known as India’s missile-man, said that the nuclear power is clean power and we have to use it throughout the world.

Talking about his vision for India 2020, Mr Kalam said that the country’s GDP and 2020 are related.

“India has reached a GDP of 9 per cent this year and by next year 2011—2012, GDP will reach 10 per cent. Definitely, India will become an economically developed nation by 2020. Youth power and GDP will lead to vision 2020,” he said.

On women empowerment in India, Mr Kalam said women should get 30 per cent representation in the Indian Parliament.