India ranks highest in workplace satisfaction: JLL HPI Index

Prashasti Awasthi | | Updated on: Mar 15, 2021

Overall, tech workers (53%) and young professionals aged 25 to 34 (37%) make up the majority of High Performers

JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), a commercial real estate and investment management company, today released the Human Performance Indicator (HPI), a new formula that gives a comprehensive view of how different aspects of the workplace function. This includes spaces, technology and culture combine to elevate human performance.

The Asia Pacific HPI results were based on a study of 1,500 employees in five countries across the region.

The report found that India is leading with 81 per cent of high performers practicing flexible working, including flexible hours and work-from-home, in comparison to other APAC countries.

Compared to the other APAC countries surveyed, India ranked highest in workplace satisfaction, with a percentage of 98 per cent. This is followed by China at 97 per cent.

The survey showcases that key factors impacting workplace satisfaction in high performers include access to a wider range of sophisticated workplaces and technologies.

This augments a strong change management program designed to motivate employees to make optimum use of the spaces and technologies available to boost Human Performance.

The correlation is clear - the more varied and innovative the spaces and technologies provided, the higher the workplace satisfaction of employees.

According to the report, High Performers in India are better equipped with access to a wider range of sophisticated workplaces and technologies, playing a key role in driving human performance.

The report noted that overall, technology workers (53 per cent) and young professionals aged 25 to 34 (37 per cent) make up the majority of High Performers. As much as High Performers were champions of flexible work, they felt that the office was a critical factor to performance.

At least eight in 10 (84 per cent) of them said they missed the office during the lockdown as it allowed them access to a range of spaces and technologies for productivity and collaboration.

The research found that only one-third of Asia Pacific workplaces have an environment that elevates employee performance.

Furthermore, 96 per cent of High Performers highlighted that they have access to spaces that promote informal interactions among colleagues such as outdoor terraces, game rooms, and on-site coffee shops and baristas. Working remotely can feel isolating and technology has not been able to fully compensate for the lack of personal contact.

The HPI Asia Pacific results are based on an online study covering Australia, China, India, Japan, and Singapore.

Published on March 15, 2021
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