The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is investigating the issuance of certificates that form the basis of financial benefits availed by wind energy equipment manufacturers such as a concessional import duty.

According to officials in the know, there have been allegations of import benefits being allotted on the basis of forged documentation submitted to the MNRE. Sources said that wind energy equipment manufacturer Gamesa (now Siemens Gamesa) has admitted to submitting one such forged document, in a communication to the MNRE.

Siemens Gamesa responds

To a query from BusinessLine , Siemens Gamesa said, “Siemens Gamesa holds itself to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics and treats all allegations of policy or code of conduct violations as serious and ensures that they are thoroughly, fairly and independently investigated. We can offer no comment on the substance of this allegation at this time.”

On the recommendation of the MNRE, the Centre extends the benefit based on the category of equipment that should get support. Importers also get a certificationfrom the MNRE against which other Ministries/departments extend support. For one import benefit, the MNRE also seeks documentation approved by an independent certifying authority.

Concerns had been flagged regarding issuances of Concessional Custom Duty Certificatesand the Department of Revenue Intelligence is already investigating them. Officials say there is a system of providing quarterly information to the Ministry about item-wise imports, their consumption and balance. This is to be monitored by the MNRE for releasing subsequent certificates. This, the sources said, was perhaps not done for some companies by MNRE officials.