Moving ahead with the investigation into the alleged circumvention of the anti-dumping duties imposed on jute bags from Bangladesh, the Commerce Ministry’s arm DGTR has called a meeting of stakeholders on August 28.

“The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) will hold hearing on August 28 on circumvention in respect of anti-dumping duty imposed on the imports of jute sacking bags/sacking cloth,” an official said.

The directorate has asked stakeholders to intimate their interest in the hearing and provide name and address of the persons who are likely to attend the hearing.

“No person other than those representing the interested party shall be allowed to attend the hearing,” the official said.

In March, the directorate had initiated an investigation into the alleged circumvention of the anti-dumping duties.

In the probe it would determine the existence, degree and effect of the alleged circumvention and to examine the need to extend the existing anti-dumping duty.

If it would establish in its investigations that existing anti-dumping is being circumvented by players in Bangladesh, it may recommend extension of anti-dumping duty on jute sacking clothes from the neighbouring country.

The Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) had filed an application before the authority alleging that the duty on jute sacking bags is being circumvented by imports of jute sacking cloth, which is an unfinished and penultimate form of the bags, from Bangladesh.

The finance ministry in January 2017 imposed the anti-dumping duty on jute sacking bags to protect domestic manufacturers from cheap imports.

The petitioners have sought extension of the existing anti-dumping duty to jute sacking clothes as well.

Companies involved in jute goods manufacturing in the country include Gloster Ltd and Ludlow Jute & Specialities.