Jaitapur is on the boil even as both the Centre and the State Government renew their support to set up the 10,000 MW nuclear power plant.

“If a 440 MW nuclear plant at Fukushima can wreak havoc, then imagine the intensity of an accident at a 10,000 MW plant. Rather than dying of radiation later, we are ready to die now, facing police bullets,” says Dr Milind Desai of the Mithgavane village, that has lost 102 hectares to the project.

Dr Desai says that people are agitated that a comprehensive environmental impact assessment of the first two reactors at the plant will be done only when they are operational, in 2019.

Dr Vivek Bhide, who leads the anti-nuclear activities at Jaitapur, says local villagers are no longer interested in peaceful talks with the State Government.