Scooter rentals in Bengaluru help reduce traffic congestion, says Vogo’s Anand Ayyadurai

Our Bureau Bengaluru | Updated on May 02, 2019 Published on May 02, 2019

Anand Ayyadurai, CEO, Vogo Automotive Pvt Ltd using a rental scooter in Bengaluru

Scooter rentals companies in Bengaluru are increasingly helping reduce traffic congestion, making public transport affordable and convenient, said Anand Ayyadurai, CEO, Vogo Automotive.

Ayyadurai said that traffic congestion in cities like Bengaluru is higher than other mega cities in Asia and rentals companies like Vogo can help solve the problem.

Despite the availability of cab hailing apps, metros and buses, everyday commute options in Bengaluru are inconvenient and unreliable. Travelling very short distances , like walking 800 metres to the nearest metro station or from the metro station to your workplace or home, is a unsolved problem.

Rising traffic congestion and longer urban commutes are leading people to look for alternative ways to reach their destination in a convenient, affordable, and time-efficient manner.

“Majority of commute in India is in the micro-mobility segment —  under 10 km. Scooter sharing fits the bill here, providing a hassle-free, affordable easy-to-use alternative for consumers of all demographics. This works across use cases  —  be it first or last-mile feeder to public transport, short intra-neighbourhood trips or daily commute,” explained Ayyadurai.

“In India, two-wheelers are a natural choice for most consumers. We wanted more people to use the same vehicle. This reduces the number of bikes on the roads and in parking lots. From a customer perspective, this offers the advantages of being quicker, significantly cheaper, and more convenient than other modes of transport, without the hassle of owning a scooter,” he added.

Published on May 02, 2019
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