Celebrating 50 years of IMTEX, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) has created an experience zone.

“The zone is a collection of IMTEX archives including display of vintage machines from a bygone era, pictures and a short film of IMTEX journey,” said Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman Exhibitions — IMTMA.

At the Golden Jubilee of IMTEX, IMTMA is also releasing a coffee-table book in Bengaluru. The book captures the ethos of IMTEX and traces its growth over a time-frame of 50 years since 1969.

Dedicated space

IMTEX 2019 is also featuring a few robots. The robots will move and gesticulate, talk to people and answer their queries and move around in the campus.

For the first time, IMTMA has dedicated space for companies to showcase ‘Industry 4.0’. CII Vice-President Vikram Kirloskar said exhibitions will never become obsolete as machines will always be required in the manufacturing industry.

Technologies are needed to enhance productivity. Large-scale exhibitions such as IMTEX will provide all this in one place.

Siemens Pavilion at IMTEX, too showcased its ‘Ingenuity Truck’, demonstrating a comprehensive array of innovative products, solutions and services covering electrification, automation and digitalisation, as well as customised financing solutions for the manufacturing segment.

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