1. Malik Ghulam Muhammad was the first Finance Minister of Pakistan and later served as its Governor General from 1951 to 1956. What happened to the commercial enterprise he had started in Ludhiana with another entrepreneur?

2. What was Indian Airlines’ employee Harpal Singh the first to get on December 4, 1983?

3. The vehicle factory in Jabalpur has manufactured many vehicles for the armed forces. But it is best remembered for which iconic vehicle, produced for 30 years between 1969 and 1999?

4. What first started in 1961 in collaboration with a Japanese firm and produced classics with names like Janata, Sona, Pilot, Kanchan and Vijay?

5. Hector Beverages was founded in 2009 by Neeraj Kakkar, Neeraj Biyani, Suhas Misra and James Nuttall. What is their best-known product line, inspired by a beverage prepared by Misra’s mother?

6. Growmore Research And Assets Management Ltd is a public incorporated on April 24, 1987. For what reason did it capture national financial headlines in a few years?

7. Pishori Lal Lamba arrived from Lahore in New Delhi in 1940, and set up a hand-cranked contraption for making a product which was very popular with the American GIs stationed there at the time. Which Indian brand did he launch after getting more of his machines?

8. What was the flagship product of the Pure Drinks Group in the mid-seventies, when Coca Cola was forced to leave the Indian market and domestic products took over?

9. The first samples of this product were ordered for border use and manufactured from the company in Redditch England. Then, in 1949, an Indian ordered them and the company decided to open a factory in Madras. Which is this iconic product, which is still produced in 2022?

10. Which Indian brand, well known for its early adoption of television advertising was started by KV Pendharkar as 1952 as the first large scale manufacturer of ayurvedic products?

11. Started as a tiffin room in 1924 by Yagnanarayana Maiya, which brand ventured into the instant food business after the Food Control Act of 1975?

12. Which ₹1,300-crore brand with almost a hundred restaurants around the country started as a sweet and namkeen shop named Lalji in Rajasthan, then changed its name to the city in which it was originally based?

13. Which recent Indian brand gets its name from the colloquial Punjabi expression for a brother and India’s ISD code?

14. On July 31, 1995, Union Telecom Minister Sukh Ram, and the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Basu, held the first ever mobile-to-mobile conversation in India. Which company was the service provider?

15. Which product was launched in India in the 1960s by Ved Rattan Mohan, with its logo and name inspired by the Benedictine priests and the liquids they brewed?

16. Most often seen in dark green packaging, which product, originally launched in 1924 by Gourmohan Dutta is often known as ‘hathiwala’ cream because of its elephant logo?

17. Which textile manufacturer and flagship brand of the Lalbhai group was set up in 1931 with its headquarters in Naroda, Ahmedabad?

18. Which engineering sector giant was set up by two Danes, Henning and Soren, as they were stranded in India due to the German invasion of their homeland in the Second World War?

19. Which company with a world-renowned product, originally owned by a kingdom, and then the Government of Karnataka was originally set up in 1916 to make use of the natural raw material which was not being exported due to the First World War?

20. Which company, started in a garage in Girgaun, Mumbai by Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksi, Suryakant Dani and Arvind Vakil in 1942 became the leading Indian company in its category by 1967 and is currently the third largest in its category worldwide?

21. The Amul girl, with her polka dotted dress and blue hair is ubiquitous in Amul Butter advertising. Yet she was created to rival a competitor who also featured a golden-haired girl in a blue and white dress. What was the rival brand?

22. Which Indian clothing brand started in 1999 from a single store in Kolkata by Ravi Modi now has over 500 stores around the country and abroad?

23. The flagship company of which Indian group derives its name from an old, miserly and often libidinous character in Italian ‘commedia dell’arte’?

24. Funskool (India) Ltd. is an Indian toy manufacturing company, founded in 1987 with headquarters in Chennai. Which iconic Indian company tied up with international giants Hasbro to launch the brand?

25. Which Indian brand, always found in a specific location was founded by a consortium led by French businessman Emile Moreau and TK Banerjee in the 19th Century and owes a lot of its early success to Rudyard Kipling?

26. Which Indian brand established in 1948 was originally named after Digvijay Singh Jadeja, a Maharaja of Jamnagar remembered for looking after young Polish children during the Second World War?

27. Which company was originally known as Foodiebay in 2010 before the founding team voted for a new name that sounded like a vegetable, but with a zing?

28. Which brand was launched in 2012 by Falguni Nayar, a batchmate of Harsha Bhogle from IIM Ahmedabad, and derives its name from a Sanskrit word meaning an actress or ‘one in the spotlight?’

29. Which brand, started in 1994 was named by Xerxes Desai combining the first two letters of the group he worked for with the name for a gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit?

30. Which company started by a certain Brijmohan and his brothers in 1964 in Ludhiana entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1986 as the largest manufacturer in the world in its category?


1. Mahindra and Muhammad renamed itself Mahindra and Mahindra as Kailash Mahindra continued in the business

2. The first ever Maruti 800 car. He was the first named picked in a lucky draw among customers

3. The Jonga, manufactured under license from Nissan, Jonga is an acronym for Jabalpur Ordnance and Guncarriage Assembly

4. HMT (Hindustan Machine Tools), whose watches dominated the Indian market till the mid-eighties

5. Paper Boat, specialising in ethnic drinks like the Aam Panna prepared by Misra’s mother

6. It was the company through which Harshad Mehta invested in the stock market

7. Kwality’s Ice Cream

8. Campa Cola, which along with Thums Up and Double 7 dominated the Indian Cola market, Only Thums Up survived the return of Coca Cola and the entry of Pepsi in the 90s

9. Royal Enfield Bullet

10. Vicco, ViccoVajradanti toothpaste and Vicco Ayurvedic cream

11. MTR Food, from Mavalli Tiffin Room

12. Bikanervala

13. Bira 91

14. Modi Telstra, with their Mobilenet network

15. Old Monk Rum

16. Boroline, produced by GS Pharmaceuticals

17. Arvind Mills, originally set up by three brothers Kasturbhai, Narottambhai and Chimanbha

18. L&T, originally Larsen and Toubro from their respective surnames

19. Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited, the makers of Mysore Sandal Soap

20. Asian Paints

21. Polson’s Butter, established by Prestonjee Eduljee in Mumbai

22. Manyavar, men’s ethnic wear

23. Pantaloon

24. MRF

25. AH Wheeler and Company, the bookshops found in railway stations around the country

26. Digjam Suitings, from Digvijay and Jamnagar

27. Zomato, founded by Deepinder Goyal

28. Nykaa

29. Tanishq

30. Hero Cycles, started by the Munjal brothers