The Secretary of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), S K Gupta, said that the telecom sector will move to 5G by 2022 and access to digital platform will become highly advanced in the next five years.

He also said the use artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics is going to modify the behaviour of consumers.

Gupta further said there has been dramatic changes in media industry landscape and adoption of new technology will be key to success.

“Telecom sector is going to move to 5G by 2022 in next five years’ time, access to digital platform will be very advanced,” he said at an event organised by industry body CII.

Gupta pointed out that, presently, 400 million people in India have good quality internet access. Hence, the probability of more usage of media content through digital platform is very high.

He also noted that the nature and form of media content development may also change due to the rise in smartphone consumption.

The TRAI secretary exhorted the media industry to try to meet expectations of consumers, focus more on their demand and on contents they like; to boost the consumption of the media content.

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