8KMiles, a cloud computing company will offer the FuGen Multi-domain Identity Services Platform (MISPTM).

According to the company, this platform will help enterprises rapidly set up identity federations with minimum friction and cost ownership, establish a delivery infrastructure for scaling, automated partner testing and monitor deployments through real-time compliance certification.

Currently, the FuGen MISPTM platform supports 15 government profiles, process templates for establishing large federation communities, and more than 200 pre-configured and validated SaaS applications including Salesforce, Office365, Dropbox, NetSuite, Concur, Citrix. 

Customers can leverage these capabilities for rapid federation deployments to keep in compliance with government policies and regulatory mandates, the statement added.

Enterprises can also take advantage of onsite or offsite support to get partners onboard, pre-qualify them, review policies, certify SaaS partners, partner for inter-operability testing and reporting services.