1. Following a recent announcement, what position will Eric Schmidt hold in Google after Larry Page takes over as CEO?

2. Which Oscar winner is ‘That Guy' in the old Facebook logo?

3. For what reason was Gail Davis of Orpington, England, rewarded with a $10,000 gift card from Apple?

4. What is Dalvik in the context of Google?

5. Which game announced nearly 14 years ago, and now made by Gearbox Software, will finally debut in early May?

6. Google's codec for converting video into a more compact form for streaming across the Internet is called…?

7. ChevronWP7 released in late November 2010 but later pulled at a cyber-major's request was the first jailbreaking tool for which software?

8. Peter Oppenheimer is the CFO of…?

9. Google's first chef, Charlie Ayers, was a former caterer to which band?

10. Who makes models of phones such as Espresso, Supersonic and Glacier?


1. Executive Chairman.

2. Al Pacino.

3. For buying the 10 billionth download on the Apple App Store.

4. It is the virtual machine (VM) in the Android OS.

5. Duke Nukem Forever.

6. VP8

7. Windows Phone 7 platform.

8. Apple.

9. Grateful Dead.

10. HTC

Published on January 30, 2011


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