Tohands Private Ltd, a start-up that offers smart transaction tallying solutions for small and medium businesses, has launched a ‘smart calculator’ device, which promises to help small businesses keep track of their in-store transactions.

This device spares the shopkeeper the hassle of jotting down all the income and expenses made during the day and presents an updated statement at the click of a button.

“The mobile app also allows them to keep track of their income and expenses during a specific period,” Praveen Mishra, Founder of Tohands, has said.

The start-up has raised ₹50 lakh supported by Startup India Seed fund and T-Hub for developing the Smart Calculator.

The calculator was formally launched on Monday by Telangana IT and Industries Secretary Jayesh Ranjan.

Mishra said “Using an app to record every transaction is time consuming and distracts attention from the customer. Our solution records every transaction on the mobile app in real time. The shopkeeper can access it at his convenience,”, he said.

The calculator comes with an alpha numeric keyboard, with battery back up of three days. “It has an internal memory that can record up to five lakh transactions and saves the details,” he said.

Pricing plans

Priced at ₹2,999, the device allows the users to access and download the data of the last 90 days. The start-up offers a monthly subscription starting at ₹99, giving the users access to data of more than 90 days.