Acer plans to rope in Intel to launch bigger netbooks, as it tries to increase their adoption among first time users.

The Taiwanese PC-maker will stretch the code and launch slightly larger netbooks of 11.6 inch rather than 10.1 inch.

“It will be a catalyst to increase adoption of netbooks as screen size will be bigger and would make a difference with the keyboard size” Mr. S. Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer of Acer India, told Business Line . The products will be powered by Intel's dual-core processor and will be priced about 7 per cent more than a conventional netbook.

Netbooks are a smaller, lighter, low-cost version of notebooks with low-processing power and fewer features than a notebook.

While the product didn't see success in developed markets since tablets were launched around the same time, netbooks are increasingly becoming the device of choice for first-time users in India, according to Mr Rajendran. This is because of lower prices and the better “feel” as a computer when compared with a tablet.

Also, while the product was initially meant to be a “non-serious” computer for casual computing, lately, there is interest from the commercial space, Mr. Rajendran said.

According to him, verticals such as education and insurance are adopting netbooks as it is more convenient than a 14-inch notebook for field staff and also offers longer battery life.

Currently, netbooks contribute 18 per cent of revenues from the notebook segment, which is 50 per cent of Acer's overall revenues. Acer has about 38 per cent market share in the netbook segment, according to Mr Rajendran.

The company on Tuesday launched a limited-edition netbook with special choice of colour “to catch the irrational demand of more burst of colour.”

It also launched a range of ultra-slim portable computers carry features of an ultrabook in a notebook. The products are priced between Rs 25,000 and Rs 52,000.