Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated nine-year-old Hana Muhammad Rafeeq for developing an iOS app for storytelling.

The Dubai-based Indian girl wrote about the Hanas app in an email to Cook, claiming herself to be the youngest app developer. According to reports, the app allows parents to record stories.

“Congratulations on all of your impressive achievements at such a young age. Keep at it and you will do amazing things in the future,” Tim Cook wrote.

According to Gulf News, Hana was introduced to coding at the age of five. She claimed to have developed the iOS app with more than 10,000 lines of hand-written codes and launched it at the age of eight.

“The reason for this writing is for my parents to say I did something extraordinary. Just to make the world aware that coding is not that impossible, instead, it is an essential subject to include in the early stages of child education,” Gulf News quoted Hana as saying.

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