Apple Pay is likely to be compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in iOS 16 beta 4 version. MacRumors contributor Steve Moser shared his findings on Twitter. It showcased the “continue with Apple Pay” option on Apple’s checkout page when using Edge.

“Apple Pay only works in Safari on iOS 15 and older,” Moser tweeted.

“This doesn’t work in Edge or Chrome on that latest macOS beta because I assume it requires the third-party render engines to be updated, whereas Edge and Chrome on iOS use Safari’s render engine,” he added.

According to The Verge report, other users witnessed Apple Pay compatibility with the Firefox browser. Moser said that Apply Pay is unavailable in the latest macOS beta. The Verge reported that the third-party browsers are free to use their own search engines on macOS, and individuals might not see support for Apple Pay outside Safari anytime soon.