Silicon Valley-based autonomous Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platform company Sedai has raised $15 million in Series A funding from investors led by Norwest Venture Partners with participation from Sierra Ventures and Uncorrelated Ventures.

This follows a seed round led by Sierra Ventures and Uncorrelated Ventures and brings the total funding to $18.8 million, a company spokesman said. The company will set up an R&D and product engineering division in Thiruvananthapuram.

Sedai’s founders, hailing from PayPal, Facebook and Google, plan to build a ‘Silicon Valley-styled’ Engineering R&D center in Thiruvananthapuram, the spokesman added. The team will focus on cutting-edge cloud technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science for the autonomous cloud management platform.

SRE team work profile

SRE teams are responsible for how code is deployed, configured, and monitored, as well as the availability, latency, change management, emergency response, and capacity management of services in production. The Sedai platform can manage Serverless and Kubernetes environments. Its machine learning-based service helps clients decrease operational expenses and boost efficiency by predicting issues, reducing time to resolution, and increasing service availability.

Serverless is a cloud-native development model that allows developers to build and run applications without having to manage servers. There are still servers in serverless, but they are abstracted away from app development. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications.

Sedai manages cloud environments for users in real-time, taking autonomous actions to minimise availability issues and maximise resource performance. It looks for symptoms in the cloud platform and remediates issues before it happens without human intervention, and increases platform efficiency by 93 per cent and availability up to 99.999 per cent, the spokesman claimed.

Post-pandemic, the global businesses have realised the value of complete digitisation and automation of their operations. This, coupled with the rapid evolution in cloud platforms, call for innovative solutions to manage a fully self-driven IT infrastructure where Sedai has its prime focus, the spokesman said.

Core R&D team

Suresh Mathew, CEO, said Sedai delivers an SRE platform that can act independently on their behalf, learn from them, and carefully measure the efficacy and continuously fix and improve production . The engineering team in Thiruvananthapuram will be the core and critical piece in this product engineering plan.

Benjamin Thomas, President, said Sedai’s sense of purpose and track record combined with quality software engineering talent pool in Kerala and South Tamil Nadu will help it drive the autonomous cloud movement. Aby Jacob, Head of India Centre, said the Thiruvananthapuram team will have a pivotal role in delivering the first fully autonomous management cloud platform for companies worldwide.

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