Huawei, a Chinese networking, telecommunications equipment and services company, will introduce tablets and wearable bands in India in addition to mobile devices as part of its expansion plan.

Two models of Huawei tablets – priced ₹7,500 and between ₹15,000-20,000 – will be available in the market from the coming week whereas wearable bands priced between ₹12,000 and ₹18,000 will be offered starting August.

In addition, a Huawei brandstore would be opened by the end of 2016, Sanjeev added.

Huawei sells two smartphone brands, Honor series sold only through Flipkart and Huawei series that can be bought from the retail outlets.

Sanjeev said, “While China’s smartphone market is flattening, India’s is growing exponentially at the rate of about 50 per cent,” making the country an important player in the field.

“Almost 80 per cent of the population buy mobile phones in offline stores,” he said, adding that these factors prompted the company to build the Huawei series offline.

Focus area Even as the smartphone market is increasing, 80 per cent of the mobile market is below ₹10,000.

To tap this potential, Sanjeev said the company has introduced smartphones at the price range from ₹5,500 to ₹9,500. They will be introducing phones between ranges ₹10,000 and ₹20,000.

The company will focus on under ₹20,000 markets till September 2016 as it gives them more flexibility.

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