The average number of new content creators has more than doubled since the initial global deployment of YouTube Shorts in July 2021 and the introduction of YouTube Shorts in India in September 2020, according to a trend report released by the Good Creator Co. 

The report also said that 15-second videos receive the most viewers and uploads.

Good Creator Co is an influencer marketing and commerce company and is part of the Good Glamm Group. The report analysed trends visible in the last calendar year.  

“Month-on-month there has been a positive growth in the share of uploads with December 2022 seeing a 55 per cent increase when compared to a number of YouTube shorts uploaded in January 2022. With 98 per cent of the YouTube shorts being uploaded were by content creators, showing a clear dominance by content creators,” the report stated.

The Hindi language dominates the YT Shorts space with viewership, engagement, and uploads share of 71.88 per cent, 75.81 per cent & 59.50 per cent, respectively. 

Sachin Bhatia, CEO, The Good Creator Co, said, “The evolution of content creation is at its peak, and we believe that the trend can act as a significant catalyst for economic development. The report on short format video content details the increased monetisation rollout on YT Shorts that will help YouTube attract more first-time creators.”

Bhatia added, “We are actively associated with content creators active on YT Shorts and other short video platforms and engage with them as per the requirement of the brands. The numbers are encouraging and we believe with time more brands would dive into YT shorts.”

“The top three genres — entertainment, comedy and infotainment — garnered more than 55 per cent views and engagement with less than 1/3rd uploads share. In terms of total viewership and engagement, the ‘entertainment’ genre accounts for about 1/3rd and 1/4th of the total, respectively, where the acting sub-genre has the maximum share of uploads i.e 37.38 per cent,” the report noted  

Data from Good Creator Co

Data from Good Creator Co