‘Developers should ramp up skills in AI-based solutions’

| Updated on: Jan 08, 2018

Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing Operations for NVidia in South Asia.

Shortage of skills in AI, big data, virtual reality a challenge, says NVIDIA MD

There is a huge paucity of professionals with skills in deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and virtual reality that will be vital for the computing industry in the next few years, according to Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, NVIDIA (South Asia), a part of the $7-billion US-based tech company NVIDIA.

“Developers in many other countries are already strong in AI. India should not miss this opportunity, and developers should be strong in developing AI-based solutions for the world,” he said.

India has the second-largest population of developers with nearly 30 per cent of them having knowledge on Python, which is a rule-based programming. However, the next wave of programming based on AI will be in sectors such as automobiles, healthcare and retail, with each presenting an over-$1-trillion opportunity for developers, he added.

In the next 18 months, NVIDIA will embark on a mission to train nearly 10,000 developers in intelligence programming to develop and work on AI-powered machines, Dhupar told BusinessLine.


NVIDIA’s invention of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionised parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI, with GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand what’s happening around them, he said.

The world is advancing towards AI-powered machines which can sense, respond and act with human capabilities in most fields, be it commerce, education or healthcare. NVIDIA, along with with other multinational captives and academic institutions, is working towards building AI expertise into business capabilities, and driving innovation across multiple industries, which will require a major up-skilling of the existing workforce, he said.

Educational tour

Dhupar said that to create an awareness on intelligence-based programming, NVIDIA is conducting a six-city Developer Connect programme, an educational tour that will provide attendees with workshops a demonstrations of tools designed specifically to meet the challenges big data presents.

The two-day event in Chennai on Wednesday brought together the local ecosystem of AI developers, data scientists, researchers, academia and many start-ups, to look at AI trends, technology, use cases and India’s role and opportunities in what many are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution, he said.

NVIDIA started the programme in Hyderabad, and will hold similar events in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.

Published on November 24, 2017
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