It won’t be long before we find ourselves obsessively checking the day’s pollution level. Some Indian cities, especially in the South, escape the cold and the thick smog that characterises winter, but others are universally famed for practically choking the inhabitants. Right on cue, Dyson has launched a new generation of its air purifiers which have, for a while now been full-fledged IoT products, controllable through the Dyson app from one’s phone.

Air purifiers are not normally a category we cover, but Dyson’s couldn’t fail to get our attention when it first appeared with that unique blameless fan followed by internet connectivity and other features. The newest range of this product is still a multi-function device, equipped with a cool fan, heating and air purifying with its HP07 model and cooling and air purifying with its TP07 model. We’re checking out the HP07 or Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool.

Dyson HP07

The basic design of the HP07 remains the same as ever. It’s a tower with the signature big oval aperture that makes up the fan. As before, it can sit in a corner not taking up too much space and blending into the background if you have a light-coloured wall. It’s still easily carried from one room to the next, in case you need to.

This time, Dyson claims to have re-engineered the machine airflow pathways to achieve fully-sealed HEPA 13 standard filtration, not only ensuring that no air bypasses the filter, but blocking any potential leak points through which dirty air might enter the airflow. The claim is that 99.95 per cent of particles as small as 0.1 microns are removed, but this is of course difficult to verify. Indirectly however you can see that the machine is working by observing the readings change if you do something like open a door and let in unclean air or let in a cooking odour or even get close to the machine or introduce pollutants deliberately. The machine is then reactive and can be set to adjust functioning, even going into turbo mode if it needs to. It’s quieter than before.

The purifier has its own remote and can anyway be managed through the app from where you can also turn on heating, which is quite effective. A short spell of heating can warm up a room quickly and then be turned off to prevent too much dryness.

With so much more time than ever being spent indoors, interest in air purifiers is bound to be at its peak with winter only multiplying the need for one. The HP07 comes for ₹55,900 and is certainly expensive, but so are most major air purifiers.