Ecolibrium Energy, a market leader in energy analytics, on Thursday, announced the launch of “SmartSense 2.0” platform that seeks to make industries and buildings smarter using Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning.

The firm, which recently got funding of $2.6 million (₹16.54 crore) from Infuse Ventues and JLL, launched this latest version of its advanced energy analytics platform that, it says, brings about a “revolutionary change” where advanced IoT and machine learning analytics will also help industries and buildings become more energy efficient. Nearly 44% of electricity in India is consumed by energy-guzzling industries and commercial buildings.

Real-time monitoring SmartSense 2.0 will help these large consumers not only perform real-time monitoring of their energy consumption using a wireless and cloud-hosted platform, but also help convert data into automated recommendations for performing predictive maintenance on large power-hungry equipment such as motors, industrial air conditioning systems and transformers.

SmartSense 2.0 can automatically scan the entire energy usage across enterprises and convert business data (power, production, etc.) into intelligence for identifying energy leakages and predicting failure of critical equipment 10-15 days before it occurs, thus preventing breakdowns. This helps businesses reduce their energy and maintenance costs by up to 15%, said Harit Soni, Director, in a statement here.

This advanced version of SmartSense also includes industry-specific customized dashboards using a new widget maker, and an easy algorithm builder for equipment manufacturers and businesses to adopt IoT and energy analytics for their operations. He said this will not only mark a shift from energy monitoring to energy intelligence, but will also lay the ground for industry 4.0. “This launch is also the start of our journey to implement our advanced ‘Made-in-India’ technology across the globe.”

IndiaPepsico, Godrej, and Delhi Metro. All existing SmartSense users would now be transitioned to the new energy analytics platform. Some of the leading corporates to have started adopting the new platform included Ashok Leyland, and the Embassy Group.

Recently, Ecolibrium’s platform SmartSense won the International Ashden award for sustainability.