Anurag Pratap, CSR Leader of Capgemini, has said that “egos and logos’ play spoilsport in building successful collaborations. “Arrogance in people with the air of I-know-it-all is a major hurdle in making collaborations a success,” he said.

Addressing the Social Leadership Conclave here on Tuesday, he said “it was important for leaders to have the readiness to accept that people make mistakes and accept that fact” .

“If you learn it, partnership is not something a difficult thing to achieve,” he said.

Stating that CSR (corporation social responsbility) was as not something very easy. “It is as technical, as rigorous as any other activity. It is dealing with human beings whose aspirations change every other minute,” he said.

The conference, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, focussed on the theme ‘Building Social Capital through Partnerships’

Siddharth Sharma, Group Chief Sustainability Officer of TATA Sons, has said that businesses need to appreciate the inherent benefits that exists in building natural and social capital for managing business risks and opportunities.

“We need to recognise that if our businesses have to thrive longer, we need to manage the linkages between natural capital, social capital and economic capital,” he said.

He said the businesses need to invest in people and partners and enable continuous learning.

“We need to build caring and collaborative relationships based on trust and mutual respect,” he said.

Gaurav Maheshwari, Convenor, CSR Panel-CII Telangana, and President of Signode (Asia-Pacific) said that enterprises needed to have a social vision, to attract the talented people.

“We should enable them to keep enhancing their sense of professional and personal satisfaction. This is not limited only to employees. It encompasses suppliers, distributors, and even customers,” he said.