Facebook will now remove all Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts related to QAnon.

QAnon is a far-right-wing conspiracy theory movement.

“Starting today, we will remove any Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content,” Facebook said in a post.

The new policy is an update to Facebook’s previously detailed policies against the conspiracy movement. The social media giant in August had said that it had expanded its Dangerous Individuals and Organisations policy to address QAnon activity on its platform.

“While we will allow people to post content that supports these movements and groups, so long as they do not otherwise violate our content policies, we will restrict their ability to organise on our platform,” it had said.

Facebook, in the first month of its policy update, had removed “over 1,500 pages and groups for QAnon containing discussions of potential violence and over 6,500 pages and groups tied to more than 300 militarised social movements.”

However, the new policy will completely ban all QAnon activity from its platform. The conspiracy movement has been accused of leading to ‘physical harm’ in the past.

“We’ve been vigilant in enforcing our policy and studying its impact on the platform but we’ve seen several issues that led to today’s update,” it said.

Facebook had previously tried to combat QAnon activity in various ways. Last week, it had started to display “credible child safety resources” when users searched for hashtags such as #savethechildren or #saveourchildren. The hashtag had been used by QAnon groups to bypass safety checks and avoid censorship.

“We expect renewed attempts to evade our detection, both in behaviour and content shared on our platform, so we will continue to study the impact of our efforts and be ready to update our policy and enforcement as necessary,” added Facebook